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Whether you are just starting out, own your own business or retiring, Kentucky Bank can help with a variety of savings strategies, including brokerage and trust services. We can help you to evaluate your investments, understand the ins and outs of estate planning and design a retirement plan. Please stop by and let us help you make the best decisions to reach your goals.

Clark Nyberg
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Wealth Management
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Retirees receiving a lump-sum settlement from their employer.Rolling over retirement benefits to an individual retirement account with Kentucky Bank's Wealth Management Department allows an individual an opportunity to receive information as well as advice on retirement investments.
Parents planning for college expenses.Better late than never is excellent advice to all parents. The sooner parents begin a college investment strategy, the better. Kentucky Bank's Wealth Management Department can help establish an education trust for your children and grandchildren.
Individuals with money in multiple banks, credit unions or inherited cash or securities.Kentucky Bank provides individuals banking services. Our Wealth Management Department enhances these services by offering investment opportunities and estate planning. If you wish, we'll help you manage your funds.
Self-employed persons.Kentucky Bank's Wealth Management Department can provide a long-term retirement investment strategy for those individuals whose job offers no retirement plan.
Persons wanting higher or tax-free yields on their investment dollars.Are you satisfied with your current return on investments? Our Wealth Management Department can offer information on tax-free income as well as various investment options.
Elderly persons who are not able to manage their money and need help in paying bills and accounting for their investments.Our Wealth Management Department offers bill-paying services. We can provide an accounting of all receipts and disbursements plus tax information regarding your investments.
Persons wanting to invest in a variety of funds without the pressure of a broker wanting to buy/sell every other day.Kentucky Bank's Wealth Management Department allows an individual to have an objective third-party review of their investments. Investment options are discussed and decisions can be made based on your goals and desires.
People wanting the bank to serve as the executor and/or trustee of their estate.Kentucky Bank's Wealth Management Department provides an impartial party to carry out the requests of the deceased as described in their will.
Individuals and businesses wanting the benefits insurance coverage.Our Wealth Management Department offers long term care insurance as well as term, whole life, universal, key man insurance and buy/sell agreements.

Non-Deposit Investment Products:

  • Are not insured by the FDIC
  • Are not deposits or other obligations of or guaranteed by the depository institution
  • Are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of principal
  • Are not insured by any federal government agency
  • Are not guaranteed by the bank